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Car brand Acura is quite young; it was “born” in 1984 in the United States by the Japanese concern Honda, which has its echoes in the logo.

The authors of the brand name are a design company Name Lab, which has received this order in 1986, so it can be considered as a year of the appearance of the name and logo. Ira Bachrach, founder of the company Name Lab, encoded in the name the Latin morpheme «acu», meaning the precision, accuracy and reliability, and that is what the owners wanted to be in the base of this car brand. The newly-formed word “acura” also can be deciphered as «Asia`s Curse Upon Rural America».

Acura emblem pic

Acura emblem pic

There is a version that the Acura brand could ever be without the logo, because the possible designs that Honda would like to register, were already occupied by someone. However, the Acura logo appeared. This is a capital letter “A”, designed in the form of a caliper, an indispensable tool of engineers for accurately measure of parts. By this logo designers emphasize visual and technical perfection of their cars. Someone perceives the caliper as metal tweezers, accusing that the logo is too simple, but the reason for that is the set of already existing official trademarks in the United States.

Another interesting feature of the logo – the letters “A” lines at the top are not connected, so you can see the logo and the letter “N” – the title of the parent company’s name Honda.

Since 1986 Acura logo has not been changed.

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