Alfa-Romeo logo history, Alfa-Romeo emblem

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Alfa-Romeo logo history, Alfa-Romeo emblem

Alfa Romeo car brand logo is designed in 1910 by the artist Romano Cattaneo. It consists of two parts – the red cross and the snake with a crown. The idea of using the red cross has occurred to Romano after he saw the flag of Milan in one of the stations – a big red cross on a white background. The serpent is the emblem of the Visconti House; it swallows a man that symbolizes the victory over the enemies.

Initially, there was an abbreviation «Alfa» on the logo that means Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili and «Milano» – the city where the aristocrat Cavalier Ugo Stella founded his company.

In 1916 the word «Romeo» was added to the logo in honor of businessman Nicola Romeo who bought the company.

From 1925 to 1981, the logo was framed by a laurel wreath, which symbolized the victory in the first World Championship.

first alfa romeo logo

In 1972, the word «Milano» was removed from the logo because the new factory was opened in Naples and the machine ceased to be only a “Milanese”. From this year the snake became more symbolic – the skin texture was removed, leaving only the shape and the color, and the man in her mouth became blood red.

Alfa-Romeo logo history

Alfa-Romeo logo evolution timeline (click to large view)

Over time, the logo was simplified – the patterns in the form of nodes, loops and curved lines were also removed.

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