Aston Martin logo, Aston Martin emblem

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Aston Martin logo, Aston Martin emblem

Logo «Aston Martin» appeared in 1920, although the existence of the company began as far back as 1913. Initially it was two capital letters of the title – “A” and “M”, which were intersected and circled around. «Aston» – is the name of the race track, where the car of the company – Singer – gained its first victory. «Martin», that is quite traditional – is the name of one of the company’s founders – Lionel Martin.

In 1927, the logo has dramatically changed – the wings of an eagle symbolizing speed were added to it. This item has been borrowed from the “Bentley” logo.

Over time, the wings became more symbolic – the feathers drawed in details changed into just lines.

In 1947, there was added the inscription ‘David Brown’ to the logo. It was made in honor of the new owner of the company and it was situated above the words «Aston Martin», but in 1987 this inscription was not there.

Aston Martin logos history

Aston Martin logo evolution timeline (click to large view)

And so many years this car company logo is not changed, as before it is a phrase «Aston Martin» in a rectangle bordered with the wings of an eagle.

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