Audi logo history, Audi emblem

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Audi logo history, Audi emblem

«Audi» in translation from Latin means “listen” – this is the Latin version of the August Horch surname, the founder of the company. Initially (from 1910 – the year of the “birth”) the Audi logo-emblem was the reverse equilateral triangle, where the “digit “1”, symbolizing the leadership was rising above.

In 1932 Audi merged with three other German car manufacturers: DKW, Horch and Wanderer. Now it was the concern Auto Union AG. Accordingly the logo changed too. Now it looked like four rings in the center of which there were the emblems of the four firms.

collection of Audi logos

As the logo was too “massive”, it was simplified; only four rings with the name of the company «Auto Union» were left on top of them, but this name were also removed shortly after. Concern has been renamed several times, combining and transforming, until eventually in 1985, it became a single company «Audi», but the logo has remained unchanged – the four rings connected as links in a chain.

Audi logo evolution

Audi logo evolution timeline (click to large view)

In 2009, the brand logo was slightly modernized. The modern rings look like a whole, like they are not connected, but melted in one piece. They have become more voluminous and chromized, and also the font of the logo have been changed.

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  1. the best cam manufacturer ever! nice logo, perfect design


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