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English car brand Bentley is named after its founder Walter Owen Bentley and the letter “B” on the logo – it is a capital letter of his name.

Bentley logo image

Bentley logo image

The company began its history in 1919 with the production of engines for military aircraft, and in 1920 there was the first well-known logo on the Bentley prototype models with 3.5-liter engine. It is also worth noting that in 1919, the logo on the hood was placed vertically.

The author of a winged emblem is a true professional – painter of motorsport magazine «Autocar» Frederick Gordon Crosby. His task was to make a logo that would meet the high class of Bentley cars and “aristocratic luxury” of the brand, the logo had to be elegant and refined. Therefore, there were wings enclosing the letter “B” and symbolizing the speed, strength and independence of luxury cars. By the way, it was a Bentley car from which Aston Martin brand took wings for its emblem.

Until 1931, the family letter was crowned with a laurel wreath, symbolizing leadership, and the letter itself was depicted on a black background, and after 1931 – on the green. This color was chosen no mere chance, green color was assigned for racing cars. There were also logos with red background – for luxury comfort Bentley models, and the black background has come to mean the strongest modifications. This color separation exists to this day.

Bentley emblem photo

Bentley emblem photo

In 2002, at the presentation of the new model «Arnage R» Chairman of the Board Franz-Jozef Paefgen also presented updated logo of the company – the “B” letter enclosed in the wings. He focused on the fact that the logo is a symbol of independence, showing that Bentley is only Bentley and nothing else.

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