Buick logo history, Buick emblem

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Buick logo history, Buick emblem

In 1902-1903, when the Scotsman David Dunbar Buick founded his car company, the Uncle Sam, who was walking on the Earth planet and was pulling the engine on a cart, was represented on the “Buick” logo. Thus David showed off his world-famous products.

Since 1905 the inscription «Buick» in its different variations had been serving as a logo.

In 1911, the designers played with the words, making a large capital “B”, with “uick” inscribed inside it. But the logo was so clumsy and not clear that lasted not long.

Already in 1913, the well-readable labels in italics were returned, but it had been done on a blue rectangle background.

In 1930, the figure 8 had appeared in the logo, it pointed to the eight-cylinder power of the Buick cars.

At the same time the logo had been dramatically changed – instead of writing there was used the coat of arms of the Scottish aristocratic Buick family. Over the years, the coat of arms changed its shape and framing, but the basics remain the same.

logos buick old

In 1960, the coat of arms was “duplicated” and now there are three of them, representing the three models of cars produced by the company: LeSabre, Invicta and Electra. There were red, white and blue colors at the heart of each of the “shields”.

In 1975, the logo was changed into the image of a hawk with the wings spread, it was associated with the release of a new Skyhawk models line.

But in the late 80s, this model was removed and the familiar tri-shield logo was returned.

history of buick logos

history of buick logos

The shields of the coat of arms were gradually transformed and moving away from the true Scottish coat of arms: the color was changed, the small elements and patterns on the strip that crosses the shield were removed, the metallic elements were gradually added, until the logo became fully metalized and maximum simplified in 2002. Now this is only the outlines of shields inscribed in a circle.

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