Dodge logo history, Dodge emblem

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Dodge logo history, Dodge emblem

In 1900, brothers John and Horace Dodge founded their company «Dodge Brothers Incorporated», which were producing the components for cars. That time a circle with superimposed initials DB – «Dodge Brothers» served as an emblem.

In November 1914 the first car company was made; it was the reason for updating the logo, which is considered as first. The emblem represented a circle with two crossed triangles, the so-called “Star of David” inside, indicating the national origin of the brothers. In the center of the star there were two crossed familiar letters DB.

In 1932, the statuette of argali, a mountain sheep, was established as the emblem on the hood of the car. Since 1951, a schematic representation of a ram’s head was a new logo. There are several theories why it was a ram. According to one of them, it is believed that this is a stylized design of a coat of arms of Dodge brothers family, according to another one, the bent exhaust collector of the first Dodge car looked like a ram’s horn.

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In 1955, the sheep’s head was removed. The Chrysler Concern, which had Dodge under control, changed the logo; it was two boomerangs directed to the right – red and blue. This was due to the influence of the time – the active development of the space industry. Strict geometric forms and the rapid appearance of a new logo represented the commitment and movement in the future.

In 1962, a new logo appeared; it was a Fratzog, which represented 3 arrowheads aimed in different directions and arranged in a triangle. The designer, creating this deltoid logo, took into account such details as the steering wheel and the center of the hub.

In 1982, the logo was changed to a common Chrysler emblem – Pentastar – five-pointed star inscribed in a pentagon. But if this Chrysler logo was blue, the Dodge used the red color.

In 1994, Dodge has finally become gradually return to its traditional argali. In 1996, the red emblem with a ram’s head was already present in all models.

Dodge logo history

Dodge logo history

In 2010, the ram was removed from the logo again. Now the inscription «Dodge» with two oblique stripes at the end serves as an emblem.

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