Ferrari logo history, Ferrari emblem

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Ferrari logo history, Ferrari emblem

The Ferrari logo represents a racing horse and all the time of the company existence, it has been devoted to him.

The history of this horse on the emblem is very confusing. It appeared long before the emergence of the automobile company.

In 1923, the company’s founder, Enzo Ferrari in the Alfa Romeo team won the race Circuito di Savio and met Count Enrico Barak, the father of the famous fighter pilot and hero of the First World Francesco Barak. It was on the fuselage of his plane where the famous rearing horse, the coat of arms of the Barak family, was depicted. Count Enrico and his wife Paolina were so impressed with the victory of the young and ambitious Enzo Ferrari that they, as strange as it sounds, gave him his luck emblem. And it really brought the owner the success.

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There is also a version that the horse was not really a family crest and that it appeared as a trophy on the fuselage of the aircraft. During wartime, there was a certain tradition of making marks on the plane, meaning shooted down enemies. Indeed, Francesco Barack shot down a German plane Albatros, whose pilot was from the German city of Stuttgart, and the coat of arms of the city was that same horse, but more plump than the one on the Ferrari logo.

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According to another version, Francesco Barack painted the horse on his aircrafts as a symbol of the fact that the pilots of his squadron had previously been in a cavalry unit, and he was the best rider.

For the first time the horse appeared in the advertising and documents in 1929, but not on the cars, as they belonged to Alfa Romeo. This company can be considered as a teacher or mentor of Ferrari, Enzo gained a good experience and learned a lot from them.

In the same year racer founded his own team – Scuderia Ferrari, it was its initials «SF» depicted on the logo on both sides of the horse. But cars and spare parts were produced under the Alfa Romeo brand name.

In 1932 the logo appeared on Ferrari racing cars by allowance of the Alfa Romeo leadership.

And only in 1946 the logo with the image of a horse were presented in the first car released by Ferrari Company.

Ferrari logos collection

Ferrari logos collection

A distinctive feature of the emblem is also a yellow color, which was added by Enzo himself – it was the color of his hometown of Modena, unlike the color of the horse, which was originally black. Another interesting thing: on the Francesco Barack aircrafts the horse tail was lowered down, Enzo also changed the position of the tail, giving it up.

Over time, three stripes – green, white and red, forming the flag of Italy appeared above the coat of arms.

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