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Ford’s first logo appeared in 1903, it was black with white pattern, made in art nouveau style with a chaotic curlicue design. Its author – assistant engineer of the automotive company, he just used a very fashionable style at the time. This logo is used today in remembrance of the history, but without unnecessary foofaraw.

Modern Ford logo pic

Modern Ford logo pic

In 1909 the logo was changed for the first time. Only the Ford name was left – the name of founder Henry Ford. “Flying” writing style symbolized the swift development of the company. The author of the font was Charles Harold Vills, which at the time was the chief engineer and designer of the company. It is interesting that he came up with this font for his business card.

In 1912, the Ford company logo received blue color. Now it’s a triangle with wings, which, according to tradition, represent the speed and ease, elegance and reliability. There were also variations of this logo in orange. But Henry Ford himself did not like that variant, so soon it was changed to a simple oval with the inscription, which was used until the end of the 20s.

For the first time the logo received an oval shape in 1907, it happened with the assistance of the first representatives of the British company Perry, Thornton and Schreiber. Oval symbolized the mark which is made as a sign of the highest standard. In 1911, the oval was combined with the “flying” inscription. But it’s worth noting that that time the logo was used only by Ford Motor Company Ltd dealers in the UK.

The first familiar oval in Deep Royal Blue color appeared in 1927, its author was already well-known Charles Harold Vills. Soon the logo appeared on all machines of this brand. This logo has become so fortunate that it was used without changes for almost half a century.

In 1957 it was decided to change the shape of an oval, giving it a diamond shape, but the logo practically was not used in cars, instead of it, a sign «Ford» was placed on a radiator.

In 1976 to the classic oval form was returned, but it became more elongated. Blue color has got a bit lighter and received silver (oval rim and letters). As a result, it has become more voluminous and modern. Starting this year, Ford emblem began to be used worldwide in all vehicles of the company.

Ford logos image

Ford logos image

Recent changes of the logo were implemented in 2003 in honor of the centenary of the company. Designers decided to combine old and new features, but, in fact, these changes are quite minor. Today we can see the most recognizable Ford logo, which is now called «Centennial Blue Oval» (Century of blue oval).

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