Hyundai logo history, Hyundai emblem

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Hyundai is a relatively young company, which foundation falls on the 1967. Its father is a Korean industrialist Chung Ju-Yung. First years, or even decades, the company did not have logo until 1991; there was just a word on the hood, the name of the Hyundai Company. But it is worth noting that in 1976, there was made an exception for the Pony model, on which radiator was situated an emblem consisting of two letters – «HD». Also it was possible to find an image of red rushing horse, but such emblem was presented only in the documentation.

Hyundai logo meaning pic

Hyundai logo meaning pic

The name «Hyundai» is translated from Korean as “modern” or “up to date”. For the first time the famous logo appeared in 1991 and, unlike the people’s opinion «H» letter – this is not a capital letter of the brand. In fact, tilted “H” is a symbolic picture of two people – a representative of the company and the client (customer) – who shake hands. Thus, the logo symbolizes the coherence, partnership, a confidential relationship between the company and those who prefer cars of this brand. Oval, in which cursive “H” is inscribed in, in its turn, symbolizes the global nature and future development.

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