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Initially the car brand Jaguar was called Swallow Sidecars (SS), it was founded by the British Sіr Luons Wіllіam and Sіr Walmsley Wіllіam in 1922. In English the «swallow» means a bird, it is not surprising that bird’s wings were depicted on the first logo.

Jaguar emblem pic

Jaguar emblem pic

In 1935 it was decided to rename the company, in fact, according to Ernest Rankin, who at that time was in charge of advertising and marketing, it was strange that sports cars are called “swallows.” According to one version, on a competitive basis among the five hundred options “cat”-relative title was chosen, because the jaguar is fast, powerful and beautiful animal, which corresponded to the produced vehicles. According to another version, Rankin offered Lyons a few animals that could become a symbol of the brand and William stopped at Jaguar. The logo was immediately updated – capital letters SS in the blue hexagon framed with the wings and the word “Jaguar” beneath them. For the first time this logo appeared on the radiator of «SS Jaguar” model released in September 1935.

Soon there was also a statue on the hood – standing jaguar made of chrome-plated brass, but he could not settle down. It was replaced by “Jaguar in the jump” in 1938, it came 7 inch (17.8 cm) in length, and then, from 1950, there was a jaguar head on the radiator grille. It is worth noting that the sketch of the wild cat was made in 1935 by the same Rankin, and the sculptor was Frederick Gordon Crosby.

After the Second World War, it was decided to remove the abbreviation SS, since it was associated with the Wehrmacht (Schutzstaffel – «security detachment of A. Hitler).

In 1956 on the hood of the car officially came the jaguar, which we are used to seeing today. It should be noted that for such an exquisite figure was paid separately 2 guineas. But in the mid-1960s, the statue was removed from the hood in accordance with the new security rules, which were adopted in North America.

Jaguar logos evolution image

Jaguar logos evolution image

For a long time the emblem of Jaguar showed off the silhouette of wild cat in the jump, and in 2002 the Jaguar was visualized and got metallic glitter.

Recent changes were related with the launch of a new British marketing campaign, occurred in 2012. These cahnges, according to company representatives, were the most global in the last 40 years, but, in fact, jumping jaguar remained the same, only was slightly changed – it increased the muscles, add shadows. The corporate font was also restyled – it became more “powerful” and “aggressive”, and now more it suits better to the brand name plate, on which the names of the models are depicted.

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