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Jeep – automotive brand owned by the Chrysler concern, began its history in July of 1940. First logo was officially registered only in 1950. Prior to that, in connection with the litigation with the company «American Bantam Car» for the right to use the name “Jeep” the cars were manufactured with the logo Wіllys.

Jeep emblem photo

Jeep emblem photo

The first logo was a graphic representation of the front part of the machine – two circles representing the headlights and vertical lines between them – grille. Above was the inscription “Jeep” made in a corporate style. The logo was made in dark green color that corresponded to the “military” color, because the car was originally conceived for military purposes.

So far it is not known exactly where such a name came from, but there are several versions. The most plausible of them – is that “jeep” is derived from the abbreviation GPW (ji-pi-vi), the name of light military vehicles “Ford GPW”. According to another version the name comes from the name of the popular comic book character, an animal Eugene Jeep. Some also believe that “jeep” is an abbreviation of «General Purpose» (GP) – vehicles of general purpose category in the US Army. Nevertheless, the name “Jeep” has become a household name and so any SUV or a massive machine with a high cross is called.

In place of the first logo came emblem depicting just a Jeep name, made in the traditional colors. Since then the logo idea remains the same, it underwent little change in terms of color.

Jeep logo image

Jeep logo image

Now Jeer logo is made in silver, corresponding to modern trends and displaying the true “male” traits – it is laconic and austere.

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