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The history of Mazda begins in 1920, when it was still a cork factory «Toyo Cork Kogyo Co.» Over time, production switched to the production of motorcycles, three-wheeled small trucks and then cars. The first logo appeared on MazdaGo pickup truck in 1934, and it was a stylized inscription «Mazda».

Mazda logo pic

Mazda logo pic

Company Name – is the name of the Zoroastrian God of wisdom of the ancient Iranians – Ahura Mazda. Also, it is consonant with the name of the founder – Jujiro Matsuda.

The first logo changes have taken place in 1936. It was then when stylized capital letter “M” has appeared. Logo matched the coat of arms of the city of Hiroshima and that is no accident, because the company was located there. Straight lines were spread to the sides from the capital letter, symbolizing the wings, and hence the speed, the desire to go forward. Wings topic we can see on the modern logo.

In 1962, designers have moved to the “vertical” form of a logotype – the English capital letter “M” has now been drawn so that two parallel lines extending from the letters depicted two-lane highway. It existed until 1975, and after that the company had had no official logo for nearly 20 years.

Evolution of Mazda logo image

Evolution of Mazda logo image

In 1991 there was an emblem, which is considered the base of the modern logo. Circle and diamond inscribed in it symbolized the “sun and the flame of a sincere passion.” But this emblem lasted not for long – only two years. Many have begun to compare it with the logo of the French Renault, so it was decided to make some changes in the details. The central diamond was rounded. Japanese themselves called this logo «circle of light», it is also a symbol of the wings and the sun. But consumers saw it as a symbol of homosexuality.

In 1997, there was a logo that we used to see on modern cars. Everyone sees it differently. Representatives of the company Mazda sees traditional stylized letter “M”, which parts are similar to the wings of a seagull, although the author of the logo, the famous designer Rei Yoshimara conceived an emblem as the owl’s head. Ultimately, the consumer saw a tulip flower in the logo. Such a multi-faceted understanding of the logo reveals a really great Ray’s talent. New Mazda logo symbolizes freedom, the flight and at the same time flexibility and tenderness.

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