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The Mercedes logo is one of the oldest. Three-pointed star was patented as early as March 26, 1901, but it received the status of the logo of the company Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft in 1909. That time the company produced engines not only for cars, but also for marine vessels and aircraft. Therefore, the end of the three stars is the symbol of power of the three elements – earth, sea and air.

Mercedes logo pic

Mercedes logo pic

But it is believed that the idea of the star has arisen in 1880, when company founder Gottlieb Daimler painted it in a letter to his wife, denoting a place for their house in Deutz. He believed that in the future, the three-pointed star will be depicted on the roof of his own car factory to symbolize prosperity. Gottlieb has not lost; the company is really flourishing and does so to this day.

Also, according to one of the versions, three ends of the Mercedes star are three people who have played a major role in development of the car of this brand. Wilhelm Maybach – inventor of the internal combustion engine, Emil Jellinek – Austrian Consul and racer, who financed and did everything in his power for the development of the enterprise. Mercedes is Jellinek’s daughter, and the car was named in her honor.

There is another interesting version of the occurrence of three-pointed star. Star rays are the sticks of Gottlieb Daimler, Wilhelm Maybach and Emil Jellinek, which they crossed in a quarrel. Then each of them insisted on his opinion and could not reach an agreement, which will be the company logo. The situation was resolved by little Mercedes, who at the time of the quarrel cried out to the man to stop swearing, because the fate of the company was in their hands. Literally sticks were in their hands, which when combined, represented three-pointed star.

Among consumers there is also a version that the three-pointed star is the symbol of a woman with legs wide apart and arms stretched upward. Just as earlier ships fronts were decorated with the figure of female goddesses protecting the ship into the sea, is now located on a Mercedes logo, protecting the car on the road.

Mercedes logos evolution image

Mercedes logos evolution image

Along with Mercedes in 1903 Carl Benz registered his logo – a steering wheel with a stylized «BENZ» inscription, and in 1909 he was replaced by a wheel on the laurel wreath, which symbolizes the victory in the road race.

In 1926, Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz merged into Daimler-Benz AG and the logos were “combined” – three-pointed star has become wrapped with a laurel wreath.

In 1937 the logo was simplified by removing the wreath. Now the star has been wrapped with just a circle. Since then, the emblem has not been changed, only small variations in the color scheme were allowed.

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