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Initially, sewing machines were produced under the familiar to us car brand Opel. The first logo appeared in 1862, and was represented by the capital letters of founding father’s name – Adam Opel. Ornate gold “A” letter was written in red “O”, decorated with diamonds.

Then Opel logos began to change rapidly, almost every year. There were times when the different logos were used at one time.

In 1890, the company began producing bicycles, so there is a new logo – black and white, made like a sketch. Cyclist with a guardian angel hovering over him has been depicted on the oval emblem. Around this “pictures” were written the founder’s name and the phrase “Victoria Blitz” – “lightning victory”, which indicated the leadership of these products.

Opel logo pic

Opel logo pic

In 1899 the picture and the inscription was removed from the logo, only “Opel” and additional “Fahrräder” – “a bicycle” were left. The emblem became brighter due to the delicate font, red background and green curls.
In 1900 the font and color of the logo was changed. The capital letter “O” again was decorated with diamonds and the inscription itself was made with no excessiveness – even and neat black font on a brown background, framed by yellow (golden) pattern.

Since 1902, Adam Opel begins producing motorcycles. Logo was simplified, it became oval, and now in addition to the inscription “Opel” on a red background, there were placed «Motorwagenfabrik» and «Rüsselsheim» on the top and bottom (Rüsselsheim – German city, where Opel headquarters is located). Also, this logo was used on the first cars of the company.

In 1906, Opel collaborated with Renault, and the logo colors became black and gold. The logo was executed in the “Art Deco” style and had the inscription “A. Opel Rüsselsheim ».

In 1909 the logo was simplified, only the inscription “Opel” made in italics was left. Rush font symbolized energy, speed of motorcycles and cars of the company.

In 1910 there was the emblem “The Opel Eye”. The idea belonged to the Duke of Hesse, who advised it to the Opel’s son – Wilhelm von Opel. That time he returned from the United States, where he studied the design of vehicles and assembly-line production of cars. Stylized blue eye was wrapped with a laurel wreath that symbolized superiority. And, despite the fact that in 1929 Opel became a member of the American concern General Motors, this logo has existed until 1935.

1950 Opel Kapitan emblem pic

1950 Opel Kapitan emblem pic

In 1930, the company released a small truck called «Blitz» ( «Lightning”), and the logo was changed again due to this fact – now, the constant inscription “Opel” was replaced by the inscription «Blitz» at the usual oval, where the letter «i» was depicted as a lightning. The whole inscription is made at an angle, like it goes upwards, symbolizing the speed and swiftness.

In 1937 the Nazis came to power in Germany and the world’s attention was focused on new technologies, superior German engineering, etc. Airship was considered as a symbol of progress, so it was began to be depicted on the new Opel logos. Airship rapidly sweeps through the yellow letter “O”, which is associated with the founding father’s name. In 1947 and 1954, the logo was a bit modernized, the airship became more symbolic and the colors of the logo were changed to the steel and gold, respectively.

The year1964 was a landmark in the Opel logo history – lightning overlapping circles appears, that is, the logo, which now is known worldwide. Lightning is an echo of the famous machine “Blitz”, which was successfully produced during 30 years. Also there is a connection with the first Opel logo when it has not yet produced automobiles.

In 1970, the logo with the inscription “Opel” was placed on a yellow background – the traditional color of dealer networks.

In 1987, the proportions of the lettering and icon were changed – it began to be depicted in a row.
In 2002, the lightning in the circle became more prominent, and the inscription came back under the icon, but got “dealer” yellow color. Gradually the use of the letters in the logo was minimized, leaving only an icon, making it more memorable and recognizable.

Opel logos evolution photo

Opel logos evolution photo

Recent changes of the logo had been committed in 2008 to celebrate the release of the new Insignia model. This logo symbolized new design ideas, but fundamentally it was not changed – the usual lightning in the circle remained the same, just becoming more voluminous, and the inscription “Opel” at the very top of the circle was added. Insignia with the new logo was released in July 2008 and presented at the Motor Show in London.

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