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Peugeot hi story begins in 1812, when the steel factory was founded. But the famous lion on the company’s logo appears only in 1847. Authorship is ascribed to Justin Blazer, a goldsmith and engraver, which took the coat of arms of Franche-Comté countryside, a free duchy of Burgundy as the basis of the logo. Lion at that time represented the quality of products: steel is strong as lion teeth, flexible as his back, and the production is as fast as fast can be a lion while hunting.

Simultaneously, there were 2 logos: a crescent and a hand for the production of the second and third categories respectively. But then this classification was abandoned and only a lion was left. The company has developed, switched to production of bicycles, small motorcycles, and then cars; the first car was produced in 1889.
In 1850, the lion began to be depicted walking on the arrow.

Peugeot logo image

Peugeot logo image

In the 80 years of the nineteenth century, the lion has little changed – it received “brushed” mane and additional muscles.

In 1905, the lion picture appears on the cars, and before there was only simple inscription “Peugeot”.
In the 20s of the twentieth century, there were two statues of lions, “Lion by sculptor René Baudichon “, 1923, the lion which is preparing for the jump, and growling, “Lion by sculptor Maurice Marx”, 1925, which also were used as “logos” on the hood of the cars. They were a rarity, so now it is a priceless treasure for collectors.

In 1927, there was an image of a lion, who sat on three legs over the precipice, but this emblem has not existed for a longtime. In 1936 the logo was redesigned.

Peugeot logos history pic

Peugeot logos history pic

In 1948 there was the first big transformation of the lion, it became heraldic. The basis was taken from the coat of arms of the region of Franche-Comté, and Peugeot family has being living in the city of Valentigney. Lion took an attacking position, standing on its hind legs and opened his mouth.

Later, in 1960, only the head of a lion was used as the logo was, it was represented at the triangular shield with an inscription “Peugeot”. After 5 years, the head was slightly changed; it became more symbolic due to the geometrically correct lines. But already in 1970, the designers returned to the old lion standing on its hind legs.

Subsequent changes of the logo were caused by the time needs, every time it was made more modern.
1976 year – the black silhouette of a lion, and then white one on a black background.

1998th – a white lion on a blue square, and under it – the inscription “Peugeot”, in 2002, the inscription “moved” on a blue background, which was a little dark, so there appeared a shadow of a lion.

Peugeot logos evolution photo

Peugeot logos evolution photo

Recent changes of the logo were made in 2010. Then the tongue of a lion was removed, and the “shadow” was added, which made a lion voluminous and more dynamic.

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