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Renault Company was founded in 1899 by three brothers, Louis, Ferdinand and Marcel Renault. Then the company was called the Société Renault Frères in Boulogne-Billancourt. The first logo appeared already in 1900 and it was represented as two-laced letters «R», which made the monogram formed from the first letters of the brothers’ names.

The first changes occurred in 1906, when Renault cars have started to print a logo in the form of gears, in the center of which the front of the car was portrayed.

Renault logo pic

Renault logo pic

During the First World War, the company moved to the production of tanks Renault FT-17, which, like cars, have been quite successful. Therefore, from 1919 there was a tank depicted on a logo, symbolizing success and victory.

In 1923 the logo changed to image of a circular grille with Renault name in the center. According to another version, the logo stripes – it is not a grille, it is tank tracks.

1924-1925 Renault logo pic

1924-1925 Renault logo pic

In 1925 the emblem shape was changed, the famous diamond appeared, which underwent some modifications and until now is placed on modern cars.

In 1946, the yellow color appeared on the logo. It should be noted that it is rare enough in the automotive industry.

Logo of 1959 year is informally called as “crystallized” – the diamond is now perceived as a diamond.
The following fundamental changes have taken place in 1972: the diamond has “lost” its “core”, and the lines were intertwined, and were placed on the perimeter. This logo as an abstract diamond lasted long enough, that it is considered as the father of modern emblems.

The logo that we can see today on Renault cars appeared in 1992. Focusing on the radical changes within the company, the logo was changed too – the diamond was “polished”, there were no more bands on it. The new three-dimensional stylized diamond symbolizes the excellent quality of Renault products.

Renault logos evolution pic

Renault logos evolution pic

In 2004 designers gave back the yellow color to the logo, and founders surname reappeared next to the diamond.
The last update was in 2007, when Renault inscription was placed under the famous diamond.

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