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The British brand Rolls Royce has received its name from the surnames of the founders Sir Frederick Henry Royce and Charles Stewart Rolls. Duplicate letter R on the logo, which appeared in 1907, although, is a capital letter of their surnames. There is also a legend that Rolls saw painted crossed letters RR on the tablecloth in one restaurant and immediately bought it. Initially the letters were depicted in red color, but eventually, in 1933 it was changed to black color, which was considered as more presentable and traditional, because then all the logos were made in black and white. But for quite a long time, black was seen as a sign of mourning – the death of Henry Royce.

Rolls-Royce emblem pic

Rolls-Royce emblem pic

But Rolls Royce brand is also known for its symbol – a statuette Spirit of Ecstasy or “Flying Lady of Ecstasyā€¯, located on the hood of the car. In 1909 one of the cars of the British brand was bought by Sir John Montagu, Lord Bellew and wanted to allocate it somehow among the other models. He ordered statuette talisman from his friend, the sculptor Charles Sykes. The model of the figure was a secretary and mistress of Lord Montagu – Miss Eleanor Velasco Thornton. And in 1911, a figure in the form of a woman who seemed to take off and holding a coat appeared on Rolls Royce cars. “Goddess of speed” became the first metal statuette, which was used on the hood of the cars of British production. The first models were made of babbit, and then it was changed to a bronze, and then to the chrome steel.

Rolls-Royce logos evolution image

Rolls-Royce logos evolution image

Only once the position of the figure was changed to “adapt” it to the Arab market. In the 30’s women were on her knees and with a little more “clothes”.

Today, modern technology allows hiding the precious “lady” in the hood of the car just by pressing a button, so manufacturers have protected it from theft.

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