Smart logo, Smart emblem

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Smart cars appeared on European roads in 1999, but the official logo was registered only in 2002, when the new model Smart Srossblade was presented at the Geneva Motor Show. The logo consists of the name “Smart”, the letter “C”, which means “compactness” of the model and the yellow arrow symbolizing the avant-garde of ideas and modern views.

Smart logo pic

Smart logo pic

It is worth noting that the name “Smart” (in English means “Clever, clever man”) – it’s not just the English word that has been selected for a given brand. Smart is an acronym of Swatch Mercedes ART. Swatch is a Swiss company specializing in the production of watch, it was a partner of the “Smart” project at the early stages, but then it ceased to take part in it. Mercedes – is chief curator, which experts produced the first miniature cars. “Art” in the car brand name focuses on the originality and singularity of these small machines.

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