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Vauxhall Company was founded in 1857, the year of the beginning of production of boating motors, and the first cars appeared in 1903. The logo depicts a mythical creature with the body of a lion, the head and wings of an eagle – Gryphon. In heraldry it symbolizes power, alertness, speed and strength. The name and the selected image for the logo is directly related to the place where the company was founded – the area on the south bank of the River Thames in the UK. At the beginning of the XIII century Norman Faulke de Vreaute settled here, he made excellent carts. Over time, his estate began calling Vauxhall, a derivative of Faulke’s Hall. The coat of arms of the house was exactly the griffin.

Vauxhall logo pic

Vauxhall logo pic

And after a century Alexander Wilson founded on this place his company, he also “borrowed” the name and logo.

In 1925 the concern General Motors buys the company, thus, the Vauxhall becomes the representative of Opel in UK.

The first logo appeared in the 20s and since then it has changed almost every decade. It changes the shape: round, oval, square; color (mostly, it was the red and black). But the concept has always been the same – the griffin with wings spread, looking right and holding the flag in the paws, which is represented by the letter «V» – the capital letter of the company name. In the end, it was decided to make round shape of the logo. It was related to practical application – the emblem had to fit to the place, which was provided for round logo of Opel.

Vauxhall logos evolution image

Vauxhall logos evolution image

Recent changes of the emblem Vauxhall were made in 2008; it was presented in a model of class «D» Vauxhall Іnsіgnіa in July at the British Motor Show in London. It became more modern, to meet the style of the new models. Red background, who had existed since the 80s, gave way to black, and silver, and Griffin became more voluminous. The circle received a border with an engraved name of the company.

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