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German car brand Volkswagen was founded in the 30s of XX century. Company’s history is closely linked with the history of Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler directly, who wanted the Germans to have high-quality and low-cost machines. “The Volkswagen” is translated from German as “people’s car” or “car for the people.”

Volkswagen logo pic

Volkswagen logo pic

The first logo appeared in 1939 and it was a stylized swastika with a monogram of the letters of the name – VW depicted inside. Officially, the logo’s author is Franz Xavier Reimspiess – Porsch Company engineer, whose work won the open competition. Franz was paid 100 Reichsmarks for the logo (which is about $ 400 or a monthly salary of workers). But the Austrian artist Nikolai Borg was trying to prove his right to authorship, he claimed that he made the logo sketches in June 1939 by order of the Minister for Armaments and Munitions of Germany Fritz Todt. The Court has not been won, because there was found an evidence of the existence of the logo before 1939.

Over time, the swastika was removed from the logo and the letters VW were framed with a gear.

In 1948, the label received more modern look: only a circle was left instead of gear and the letters were located closer to each other.

In 1960, the logo was inserted into the square, but this kind of ridiculous logo was short-lived, and after seven years, in 1967, designers returned to the variant which existed in 1948, but black color was replaced by blue.

In 1978, designers reversed color of the letters and background. Now white monogram is depicted on a blue background. The logo has become more serious and impressive.

In 1995, the blue color was changed to dark blue and finally, in 1999 the label became sky blue and dark blue.

Volkswagen logo evolution image

Volkswagen logo evolution image

The logo, which now is presented in all vehicles, appeared in 2000, and differs from its predecessor in “volume” – the letters now look more prominent and the logo generally looks more modern, as if it is made in 3D graphics.

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