Citroen logo history, Citroen emblem

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Citroen logo history, Citroen emblem

Citroen logo first appeared in 1905, when André Citroën patented his invention – toothed pinions for the gearbox. In the logo – two pointed upward chevrons, which are considered as a symbolic display of those gears that made Andre famous.

But the logo became official only in 1919, when Andre Citroen together with the designer Jules Salomon had founded the car company “Citroen joint-stock company.” Since then, the foundation – two inverted V (or “double chevron”) – remained unchanged, only occasionally its design was transformed.

For example, in March 1985 the color of the logo was changed from the blue-yellow to red and white. Subsequently, exactly these colors, and then black and gray became the main colors in the company concepts.

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In 2009, in honor of the ninetieth of Citroen, its logo was modernized. The spearheads of “ticks” were rounded out; the background color was removed and changed to the chrome, making the logo more voluminous and modern. It was first presented on the Citroen GT concept, and then on the serial C3 Picasso.

Citroen logo history

Citroen logo history

Now, according to director Vincent Besson, logo can slightly vary depending on the front of the new cars.

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